A proven vegetarian hair health vitamin that supports a lifetime of more beautiful hair.

  • All Natural
  • 100% Vegetarian
  • Patent Pending
  • 4 Mechanisms of Action

Phyllotex hair loss vitamin stops hair shedding and thinning, promoting healthier, longer, stronger, more beautiful hair. Phyllotex users often see shedding slow or stop in less than 2 months; and most users start to experience more benefits at 4 – 6 months. Try a monthly subscription or our special 4-month supply and see how Phyllotex helps you and your hair shine!

All Natural, Vegetarian • Promotes Hair Health 4 Ways • Patent Pending • Formula Drug Free • No Gluten • No Soy • No Nuts • No Dairy • No Added Sugar

Phyllotex 4-Month Supply

4 jars • $139.99 a 30% Savings

Phyllotex 1-Month Supply

1 jar • $49.99

Alisa“I definitely am shedding less—my shirts used to be covered with my hair all of the time and now they aren’t. I also have a whole new row of hair up front.” — Alisa, 7 months of usesee more results › Zohar“After having taken Phyllotex4 for 4 months, my hairdresser mentioned that my hair changed and was stronger. He told me it had changed enough that I could change my hair...” — Zohar, a woman who has experienced severe hair loss for many yearssee more results › Monica“I'm really excited! Since using Phyllotex I am showing signs of real hair growth”

— Monica, 8 months of usesee more results ›
Ivanete “For many years before taking Phyllotex my hair would stop growing when it reached just past shoulder length. Since using Phyllotex my hair has suddenly grown several inches longer and everyone tells me how great it looks!"

— Ivanete, 4 months of usesee more results ›

Women’s Hair Loss Vitamins

What Benefits Can You See?

Phyllotex’s precursor-vitamin was a super-supplement, packed with nature’s most effective ingredients for reducing inflammation and boosting immune health. When users noticed that the vitamin helped them reverse hair shedding and thinning, our scientists studied its effect on hair follicle cells and fine-tuned the supplement to come up with today’s Phyllotex, a women’s hair loss vitamin that promotes:

  • Less hair loss: Phyllotex has been proven at the cellular level to block the negative effects on hair follicles of a naturally occurring protein all men and women have in their bodies that scientists nickname the hair assassin.
  • Thicker, longer, stronger hairs: Phyllotex hair loss supplements both enable better blood flow to your skin and hair follicles andinclude the nutrients that make your hair follicles thrive. So each hair on your head -the long ones and the miniaturized hairs- can become thicker, stronger and longer.
  • Less scalp showing through: A natural result of less shedding and thicker, longer, stronger hairs is less scalp showing through. This can be a real confidence booster!
  • Healthier hair, healthier you. When you take Phyllotex to stop, slow or reverse your hair loss you’ll get healthier skin and a healthier immune system too! Skip the drugs and their nasty side-effects. Phyllotex is a vegetarian, all-natural supplement free from gluten, soy, dairy, and added sugar, so you can take it with confidence for a lifetime of healthier hair and healthier you.

Phyllotex works for many, many people because it has been proven -at the cellular level- to address 4 separate hair follicle health challenges. So, whether your hair loss is caused by problems with circulation, nutrition, too much “hair assassin protein,” or environmental stress, Phyllotex can help.

Why choose Phyllotex?

  • Phyllotex all natural hair loss vitamin is easy to use: just take 1 capsule twice a day.
  • Phyllotex has been proven at the cellular level to address 4 separate hair follicle health challenges, so whether your hair loss is caused by problems with circulation, nutrition, too much “hair assassin protein,” or environmental stress, Phyllotex can help!
  • Phyllotex is made at a one of the USA’s top vitamin manufacturing plants under strict guidelines. It is safe and effective for most people; if you are pregnant or have a medical condition, of course check in with your doctor before starting Phyllotex.

See whether Phyllotex hair vitamin works for you! Order 1 jar, or our convenient 4-pack today.