Choose: the 4-Month Supply (our ‘buy-3-get-1-free’ option) gives your hair the time it takes to show regrowth; or Monthly Delivery; or 1-Month Supply

Phyllotex 4-Month Supply

our ‘buy-3-get-1-free’ option

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Phyllotex Monthly Delivery

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Science says: you can double your hair count in 4 months, triple it in 9 months.

Read the full study with before & afters here.

Grow thicker, longer, stronger hair … and grow your confidence too!

Phyllotex® healthy hair growth vitamins dramatically improve hair count, hair width and scalp coverage.

  • Doctor Recommended
  • All Natural & Healthy
  • Shedding Nearly Stops
  • More Hair, Less Scalp
  • Works for Women & Men
  • Just 1 Capsule, Twice a Day

Read the full study and see before and afters here.

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Take the First Step to Getting Back Your Healthy Hair

Zohar “After having taken Phyllotex for 4 months, my hairdresser mentioned that my hair changed and was stronger. He told me it had changed enough that I could change my hair...” — Zohar, a woman who has experienced severe hair loss for many years see more results › Alisa “I definitely am shedding less—my shirts used to be covered with my hair all of the time and now they aren’t. I also have a whole new row of hair up front.” — Alisa, 7 months of use see more results › Monica “I'm really excited! Since using Phyllotex I am showing signs of real hair growth.”

— Monica, 8 months of use see more results ›
Ivanete “For many years before taking Phyllotex my hair would stop growing when it reached just past shoulder length. Since using Phyllotex my hair has suddenly grown several inches longer and everyone tells me how great it looks!"

— Ivanete, 4 months of use see more results ›
Phyllotex® is Made in USA - Phyllotex is Made in a FDA Registered Facility that is GMP Certified