Grow thicker, longer, stronger hair … and grow your confidence too!

Phyllotex® healthy hair growth vitamins dramatically improve hair count, hair width and scalp coverage.

  • Doctor Recommended
  • All Natural & Healthy
  • Shedding Nearly Stops
  • Longer Hair
  • Works for Women & Men
  • Just 1 Capsule, Twice a Day

Read about our recent consumer study here.

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Which Phyllotex Package is Best for You?

Choose the 4-Month Supply: save 25% and give your hair the time it takes to show regrowth! or Monthly Delivery (second best!) or a Single Jar / 1-Month Supply

Phyllotex 4-Month Supply

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Here’s Why Patented All Natural Phyllotex® Hair Growth Vitamin Works So Well For So Many People

Phyllotex hair loss vitamins have been scientifically proven to address the 4 main causes of hair loss: circulation to the scalp, nutrition hair
follicles need, too much “hair assassin” protein & environmental stress. And it’s good for the whole you too!

Slow, Stop or Reverse Your Hair Loss

Phyllotex naturally blocks to “hair assassin” protein that causes hair loss in men and women.

Grow Thicker, Longer, Stronger Hairs:

Improve blood flow to scalp, deliver nutrients to make follicles thrive, protect hair from stress

Less Scalp Show-Through! Filled in Edges!

Less hair loss + thicker, longer, stronger hair = more scalp coverage and fuller edges

Healthier Hair, Healthier You

Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamins D & B6 + Brazilian super plants beautify your hair while they power your immune system too! And more, better hair means more self-confidence too!

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The Phyllotex® Discovery Story – Grow With Us!

Phyllotex’s grandparent hair loss vitamins are a Brazilian herbal super-supplement packed with nature’s most effective ingredients for reducing inflammation and boosting immune health: acai berry, coffee bean, olive and tulip tree, plus essential minerals Zinc, & Magnesium & Vitamins D and B5.

Our inventor, expert pharmacologist Dr. Yehoshua Maor, had just finished his postdoctoral work at Harvard and was steeped in the power of harnessing nature to address health issues.

And then … Surprise! The users of his supplement reported less hair shedding and more hair growth!

Soon, Dr. Maor teamed up with Phyllotex® cofounders and long-time entrepreneurs, Monica Hodges and Ziv Mendelsohn. Together they dedicated years to fine-tuning the ingredients and proving Phyllotex’s results – first in the laboratory on hair follicle cells, and then with consumers.


In November, 2021 Phyllotex earned a U.S. Patent! Validation that Phyllotex is both a unique all natural hair growth formula and that its effectiveness is backed by science.

Dr. Maor, Ziv and Monica are thrilled to invite you to grow with us as we naturally improve our users’ hair growth, rebuild confidence and beauty, and support happiness and health for humans everywhere!

Phyllotex Grow With Us Guarantee

All natural Phyllotex works so well for so many people that it’s a no brainer to offer an amazing return policy.

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3 Steps to Thicker, Stronger, Longer,
More Attractive & Beautiful Hair

Order a Phyllotex 4-Pack
Take 1 capsule in the morning and one at night for 4 months
Woman dancing with long hair
Let your hair down. Your hair count and width are growing!

Phyllotex hair growth vitamins:

  • Increase Hair Count & Width
  • Thicker, Longer, Stronger Hair
  • Less Scalp Showing Through
  • Learn more! Read our study here
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Here’s How Phyllotex Hair Loss Vitamins Work Their Magic

Stops Shedding > Increases Hair Count and Width > More Scalp Coverage
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Real People with REAL Transformations!

Zohar Zohar Zohar’s Phyllotex Difference

“After having taken Phyllotex for 4 months, my hairdresser mentioned that my hair changed and was stronger. He told me it had changed enough that I could change my hair...”
Zohar, a woman who has experienced severe hair loss for many years
Zohar Alisa Phyllotex Difference

“I definitely am shedding less—my shirts used to be covered with my hair all of the time and now they aren’t. I also have a whole new row of hair up front.”
Alisa, 7 months of use
Zohar Ivanete Phyllotex Difference

“For many years before taking Phyllotex my hair would stop growing when it reached just past shoulder length. Since using Phyllotex my hair has suddenly grown several inches longer and everyone tells me how great it looks!"
Ivanete, 4 months of use

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