We slow, stop or reverse hair loss in 4 different ways:

1: More Blood can Reach your Hair and Skin (aka Better Microvascularization)

The millions of cells in our hair, skin and nails are kept alive and healthy by the blood vessels that deliver their food and oxygen. Phyllotex helps keep your microvascular system—the teeny blood vessels that serve these extremities —humming.

So if your hair loss is caused by poor blood circulation to your hair follicles—a natural part of the aging process—Phyllotex can help.

2: A Blend of Nutrients that Makes Your Hair Follicles Thrive & Grow

Our scientists compared Phyllotex to well known hair growth compounds in the lab. Both female and male hair follicle cells responded beautifully to Phyllotex’s patent pending, all natural formula. In fact Phyllotex drove at least as much cell growth in the lab as well-known drugs—and Phyllotex is NOT a drug.

So if your hair loss is caused in part by nutrients missing from your diet, Phyllotex can help.

3: We Beat the Hair Assassin

There’s a protein in our bodies that scientists nicknamed “the hair assassin.” When this protein binds to hair follicle cells, it’s not pretty.

When we added the hair assassin to follicle cells in our lab, the cells bathed in Phyllotex did way better. Phyllotex naturally counteracts the protein’s effect – without the nasty side effects of drugs.

So if your hair loss is caused by the hair assassin protein, Phyllotex can help.

4: We Protect Hair from Stress

Women and men are experiencing thinning hair at earlier and earlier ages. Many believe this is in part caused by our harsh environment: stronger UV rays, air and water pollutants and other factors are stressing our skin and hair to the max.

One of our researchers discovered that Phyllotex shields hair from environmental stressors.

So if your hair loss is caused by the environment, Phyllotex can help.


All Natural, Vegetarian • Promotes Hair Health 4 Ways • Patent Pending Formula • Drug Free
No Gluten • No Soy • No Nuts • No Dairy • No Added Sugar