July 12, 2022

Regrow Your Hair Through Healthy Habits

Starting a hair regrowth regimen with Phyllotex® natural hair vitamin is an excellent example of how to start a healthy habit. Phyllotex® must be taken twice a day, in the morning and evening, in order to spur new growth in follicles where hair has miniaturized. A new vitamin regimen may come with an adjustment period, but the results are well worth it.

Problems adhering to the regimen? Try these simple techniques to take Phyllotex® properly and build a new healthy habit!

If you already have a vitamin or medication regimen, consider optimizing your routine and sorting your vitamins into morning and evening servings. Some supplements like vitamin B have an energizing effect and should be taken early in the day. Others are best taken in the evening. Magnesium supports muscle relaxation for a comforting night’s sleep. Melatonin helps regulate your body’s circadian rhythm and is often used as a natural sleep aid. Add a capsule of Phyllotex® to your morning and evening routines to optimize hair regrowth naturally.

Some people don’t take vitamins or struggle to take them every day. If this describes you, we’ve got you covered. Try keeping your Phyllotex next to your toothbrush. Or one jar next to the coffee put and another on your nightstand. To stay consistent, set a timer or alarm on your phone to remind yourself to take your supplements.

“Why can’t I take two capsules of Phyllotex® once a day?”

Your body needs a constant supply of nutrients in order to regrow hair. Phyllotex® contains a patented blend of ingredients that stoke hair growth in both thinning and non-thinning areas. These nutrients are water-soluble, meaning they leave your body when you sweat or urinate. By taking a capsule of Phyllotex® in the morning and evening, you ensure that your follicles have constant access to protective and nutritional ingredients that stimulate robust hair regrowth.

How to Create Healthy Habits

You may have heard the phrase, “it takes three weeks to build a habit.” While there is certainly truth within this saying, experts agree that 21 days of consistent behavior doesn’t automatically create a habit. 

“Unfortunately, that 21 days idea is a myth,” says Brian King Ph.D. in Psychology Today. “The same is true if you’ve heard it takes 30 days or any other number of days… There are too many unknown variables, and so it is simply an incalculable equation.”

Instead of setting a time-based goal like the three-week rule, take it day by day. Starting a habit with the goal of keeping it going for a lifetime can be overwhelming. But everyone can build healthy habits when they break down goals into smaller milestones.

Healthy behaviors take repetition. Create a measurable goal and build some behaviors around it. Be honest with yourself and take it slow. If your diet mainly consists of meat and carbs, a goal of “eating clean” may not become a habit. Instead, including a serving of vegetables with lunch and dinner can create a gradual shift toward a balanced diet.

Give yourself time and grace. Big changes start with baby steps.

What are the Benefits of Creating Healthy Habits?

Healthy habits come with benefits. Always. “Habits” are created when behaviors are consistently rewarded. Fortunately, healthy behaviors usually create their own rewards and can start an upward spiral of healthy routines. 

Some rewards of consistent exercise are improved strength, stamina, and mood. For many people, this reward feels encouraging and can create the desire to exercise. People who consume more vitamins and minerals by eating whole foods or adopting a vitamin regimen often experience increased mental and physical health and an overall sense of vitality.

Growth is worth waiting for. According to a study conducted by a large multinational hair care corporation, on average Phyllotex® users see a 260% increase in hair count in just nine months of daily use – read more about this study here.  Fuller, younger-looking hair is a powerful reward for anyone serious about regrowth.

Healthy habits help create conditions for mental and physical well-being. Remember– take it one day at a time. You’ve got this.

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